What weekends are made for

After a period of crazy, I’m back to normal: trying to fill in as much as possible into a weekend and making the most of being in Malaysia.This is why I’m here. To make connections. Go to new places. Make the most of being young and single!

As always, I learnt a few things:

  • Shopping for a rash vest is difficult especially when you have no idea what one is. ‘Fake it till you make it’ is flawed if your friend actually needs one for a near future diving trip! I love shopping with my little bundle of fun!
  • Sushi is raw fish. I’ve been eating hella sushi recently and I LOVE salmon, just didn’t realise it wasn’t cooked!
  • Cycling on a bike that is too small//with hundreds of gears//up massive hills // at midday is hard. I’m used to cycling in Portsmouth, the flattest city in the country on the oldest bike known to man. Was beautiful though!
  • My patience and endurance can be stretched to good use, Hannah and I took a taxi, LRT and monorail all to get to a Mojito buffet. 2 hours travel all for 60RM (a tenner) all you can drink. Fab night, can’t wait for more!
  • Every week there are new faces at Hopecity and I love getting to know them, especially when they share my love for sushi.

Can I have more weekends like this please?




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