Jeremiah 29.11

So I may have news! The details are boring but the fact is I’m staying here in KL next year. I’m going to be doing something that I really want to be doing. This means two years in the same city! I’m content that I’ll be starting a new academic year in a familiar place. The job will be new and definitely challenging, but I’ll know exactly where to buy my favorite coffee and hand bags straightaway. All those important things!

There was a time of waiting and worrying on my part while I was waiting on news… but this verse came to mind..


And that absolutely happened. I feel like I’m finally learning that these things do not need to be dealt with in my own strength!  Love it when a plan, of which I have no idea about, falls into place so easily around me. I love standing here and looking back at the pattern of my life so far. School, my impact year, university, and even Dakar last year is building on something for the future. Who knows what it will look like. My past relationships and experiences will add up to something.

Now I have a new lease of life and a love for this city. Although I don’t think it will be forever (Africa I miss you!), this country girl is embracing the city life! I have made some incredible friends, I’m getting involved with Hopecity church as much as they will allow me, even work is finding its own rhythm.

There are a few plans I would like to start setting in motion now I most certainly have the time…

  1. Operation decorate. Make the appartment a bit more homely. Hello sewing machine, it’s about time you were put to work!
  2. Expand the travelling net. I would LOVE to visit: Japan (all the sushi), the Phillipines (Mum has a friend there and I’ve heard a rumour of a missionary boat!) and lastly New Zealand (to visit family on my dads side! They came to visit us in England when I was about 15… would be great to see them again!).
  3. Somehow acquire a car. Would love to be more independent. Even just for going to waterfalls, food shoppin and helping out with church things. Looking at the money situation, I am currently praying in faith for a car!





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