It turns out trampoline dodgeball is dangerous, who knew! I think my childhood clumsiness has returned with a vengeance… after being here in KL just over a month I have fractured my ankle, along with damaging the ligament.

So heres what happened. Before coming to KL I received an email from the brother of my future housemate about a trampoline dodgeball tournament. Although I knew I wouldn’t particularly be an asset to any team I replied straight away saying I was super happy to fill a gap if it was needed! And then I guess I was on the team! We had a practice last tuesday evening at Jump Street with loads of people from school which was so much fun, we even managed to have a friendly with a local university team! It was terrifying, but I was still excited despite my lack of sporting ability.

The actual tournament was friday night. We arrived earlier than the tournament was due to start, so naturally to warm up we were just jumping about throwing balls at each other to get some practice in. I was practising my throwing skills with not a lot of luck so was planning on supporting the better members of the team.  I don’t even remember what happened,  but during this time I guess as I went to jump I jumped on the wrong part of my ankle.  I may or may not have heard a small click and then I couldn’t move my foot at all. For about 20 minutes I was super dizzy and thought I was going to pass out. But this feeling passed and although I was in a lot of pain I thought I would be fine by the next day and refused to go and get it checked out.

Surprisingly I didn’t get to play in the tournament, but the BSKL trampballers came second to last, which was a great result! Sean, Cassie’s brother, Chris and Cassie were absolute legends helping me get home of which I really appreciate… beer will be coming your way when I am more mobile!

Yesterday morning I was so indecisive about whether to go to the hospital or not, as although it was feeling ever so slightly better it was rather swollen and was turning blue! I was so sure it was just sprained. Thankfully I did go to hospital (with the-legend-that-is-my-housemate-Cassie) as it turns out that I damaged (or tore) the ligament and fractured the bone. Amazingly I did not have to pay for the consultation, x-ray, treatment or drugs thanks to my schools insurance, just the crutches! Relieved is not the word.

The doctor was lovely and has given me 10 days medical cover, but right now I want to go back to work and it’s not even monday yet! He estimated 2-3 months recovery, not walking. This does not currently look good for half term, or this weekend coming up. Let’s pray for healing!

So, I’m not going to have a lot of exciting things to talk about for a while, I don’t have a lot of clothes to wear, and socially I am a bit limited in what I do. I am most likely going to put on weight- no more boot camp for me! I am a bit fed up but I refuse to let this bring me too low. I refuse to wallow in self pity. I refuse to stay inside all the day just watching TV. I am determined to stay positive and find creative things to do, and do all my work super duper well. I am going too learn how to deal with FOMO. I am going to be a pro on the crutches. I got through many challenges in Senegal and before, therefore this is nothing. I am so blessed.

Maybe this is God’s way of slowing me down? Now I have time to contact all the people I have been meaning to for a while and do the things I was planning on doing when I was less busy. And plan plan plan future adventures! I do regret not bringing my sewing machine, imagine all the things I could be making!

Right now I am sitting in the most gorgeous coffee shop listening to Gabrielle Aplin, because my lovely friend Charlie drove me here. I haven’t had any chances to do this.  It’s so nice to be outside! I guess things aren’t so bad after all 🙂



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