The beginning.

Well, so, I recently moved to Kuala Lumpur! After the most amazing experience of being upgraded for the first leg of my journey from Economy to Business class things have been crazy! A massive thank you is in order to my hairdresser Emma’s legend of a sister who works for the airline I travelled with! There I was in my leggings and nikes queing as normal to board, when the guy at the counter ripped up my ticket and sort of whispered ‘keep it quiet.. you’ve been upgraded’. So there I was with a different class of people. I loved it. The food was on another level, not to mention champagne on lift off, all the drinks AND macaroons!

2015-08-18 16.55.27 2015-08-18 17.18.13

The first couple of weeks since we touched down at the big KL were non stop inductions and socials. Although it was relentless it really helped to establish a new body clock due to the 7 hours time difference and mean meeting alot of people.

I was absolutely blown away by my condo. I share a 3 bed apartment with one other person, we each have our own bathroom and theres even a maids room and maids bathroom! theres a gym, two swimming pools, tennis courts, shop AND a hairdressers! Slightly unneccessary to be honest! After Immeuble Airfrance in Dakar (which I loved!) I feel like I live in a palace!

IMG_0250 IMG_0251

2015-08-20 08.08.47IMG_0094 2015-09-10 17.02.29IMG_0101

Jet Lag

Now, I previously thought jet lag was a myth (not having travelled through many timezones Dakar was largely an hour different). My first night i slept right through the night and felt rather smug the first morning thinking jet lag was not a thing. I think that was due to not sleeping at all during the flights as the next day it hit me like a ton of bricks which seemed to worsen every day. It affected my brain, and weirdest of all my handwriting got really bad. I felt like I was on another planet with no concept of what the time was. Sleep became that unattainable goal that I would dream about all day, but when it came down to it at bed time there was no way that I would sleep! Rather hellish.

However jet lag thankfully came and went! Although I’m not jet lagged anymore I still have no concept of the time, and no idea when a good time to eat is, I sort of feel hungry every few hours. Unfortunately this time difference is a bit of a pain as skyping people seems to be a challenge, to skype people in the UK after they’ve finished work would mean I need to stay up until 1am. Physically a bit tricky as I have to be up around 6am my time!

Back to school

In my new school we start at 7.30 am. What even is that time? I honestly don’t remember the last time i had to be up for at this hour and to say it was a shock would be an understatement. I finished on friday (at 2pm wahooo! ) absolutely exhausted, my legs were ruined from boot camp (serves me right for not exercising much in dakar), feet ruined from real shoes and brain ruined from doing some actual work. However I survived! The first few weeks were spent observing classes and trying to gauge which students would benefit from extra literacy help, in addition to decorating 4 classroom displays. Not a mean feat! The laminator and I are now at one after the amount I have had to do!  With the observing It was so good to get an idea of what is good teaching. All the styles are different but they work very well! Hopefully i can channel some of them when I get to start training, if i train 🙂

2015-09-10 13.02.47

The weather

I wouldn’t be a real british person without some comment on the weather. I do not enjoy the rain in the UK in the slightest, and i was so lucky last year to see rain ONCE in my entire stay in Senegal, which made me a bit uncertain about Malaysia. However, so far in my four weeks I’ve been caught in the downpour twice. The first time it was so hot, and the second I had just finished bootcamp so it wasn’t too bad at all! If it rains every day it will only rain once so the chances are I’ll be at school Who knows, maybe I’ll be converted to the cause of the rain…. The less said about the Haze the better to be honest!

So far i’ve had the best time. done a bit of sight seeing, some shopping, and hella eating. All the other TA’s and teachers are legends and there is always something to do, for example we are off to see elephants next weekend! I’m so glad to be here. Having said that, many people have commented how random it is going from Senegal, West Africa straight to Asia. I’m beginning to feel that way just a tad, especially when things are a bit tougher. I’m still waiting to find out the link in the grand scheme that could be my life but we will see. I know I’m here for a reason and I hope to see clearly the purpose! In the meantime I’m super excited for this haze to be gone and to explore what KL has to offer! I do feel a bit more legit- I have a bank account, a Visa, a fancy appartment, and I do exercise now! Even did some ironing the other day. In two weeks time I will be going to Langkawi, an island here in Malaysia, and Bali in halfterm! Excited is not the word.

I’ll be in contact soon!


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