I’m flying to Kuala Lumpur TOMORROW! Yes that went fast, and no I don’t know where the time has gone. I have had the best time in Sussex for the past 5 weeks, managing to have a full ‘MOT’, and becoming a very brief sew-a-holic (notable achievements include 2 kimonos, 2 t-shirts and a pair of shorts!).

2015-07-31 16.41.50

I love hanging out with friends and family, it’s so easy when you’ve known them a long time and you know you’re for them and they’re for you.

So, I am physically ready with healthy hair, eyes, teeth and blood but there was the small problem of packing. A few weeks ago I started to have dreams about packing nightmares, involving my suitcase and its contents in a very large, very full, bath. The last week has consisted mainly of: thinking about packing, doing things to avoid packing, and a little bit of packing. Packing turns me into a more stressed version of myself which tries to look into the future, but instead panic packs things I will never need. I should know what I need by now right? Ha.ha. Thank you Frankie as always for the ever so useful advice a few days ago!

2015-08-16 08.50.22

But about an hour ago I finished packing! Yes miracles are happening today, as for the first time in my life my bags are (currently) under the weight limit. It is taking all the strength I have to not add anything else. Now I can finally get excited!!

So what now?

My new job title is Literacy TA at the British International School of Kuala Lumpur. The other day I was wondering whether this is a step down, but I reckon its a step sideways. I’m going to be working for the English department in the secondary school which is only a few years old, helping in the classroom and outside with all things literacy. Maybe a bit of subbing too. The company has paid for flights, medical insurance, VISA and accommodation! So yes I may not be teaching in the way I was last year but I’m going to use this year to see if I might be cut out for a career in secondary teaching. This idea has mostly stemmed from the ‘educating’ series’  on the channel 4 which I binged watched last summer, and my summer job after graduation teaching teenagers from around the world English. Also after last year I sort of want an easy life!

Yes, I think it will be a bit of hard work again getting into life somewhere else, but I am so very lucky to have the opportunity to go an experience somewhere new. It does help to be young and single! My aspirations are the following….


So with that I’ll say that I am as ready as I’ll ever be. Bring on the sunshine! See ya at christmas England!



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