Checking in

So yesterday was the General Election in the UK. Thanks to my super organised mother, I managed to successfully apply for a proxy vote, where mum voted on my behalf. This is only the second time I’ve been able to vote and it is definitely very different making your decision far away from all the election fever. It was much easier being able to do research online on my own! It is also very interesting seeing the outcry on Facebook today now that we can see the Conservatives have won.

We can be as disappointed as we want, but I can’t brush off the feeling that the British are SO lucky compared to so many countries, where the country is not being run nearly as well as there, maybe the government is not as democratic or just awful. At least we have the NHS and some support where we need it! I know it’s much more complicated than that but I still very feel blessed (Even though I don’t plan to live in the UK for a while)…

Swinging back to life in Dakar, right now I am half way through my third and final term at the BSI. All I can say is being an adult with a full time job is hard! Oh, and a few weeks ago may have had a very very mild form of Malaria. But to be honest, the likely problem was just down to lack of sleep and lack of vegetables. After taking a lot of vitamins I am now back to my normal crazy self!

Whats next….

The reality that I will be leaving Dakar in exactly two months is really setting in, and I often go from super excitement that I will soon be spending some valuable time my dear family and friends (and my sewing machine), to the complete opposite of super sadness that I will not be teaching my students again, I will be leaving my dear friends here, and this amazing city! I try not to think about it at all to be honest!

The fact is, in the words of my colleague Wagane I have got itchy feet. But, I am very happy to announce that I will be going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August to work in a British International School! It will be great to try a new place, Iā€™m very sure it will be completely different to life here. I think I will be in more of a British bubble as I will be living and working with mainly British expats, but I will make sure I try to branch out like I have done a little here. Also, there is an IKEA there! Result! One thing that I believe is super important, is that I will make it my sole aim to be home in (not so) sunny Sussex for Christmas.

It looks like my not too distant future will be a bit crazy, but that’s how I like it! Can’t wait to catch up with everyone in England!


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  1. Jo says:

    Becca great to read your news. Very excited for you. Living abroad really really makes you appreciate what we do have in the uk and what so many of us take for granted and without that experience of something else its hard to convince some people of this. When you come back to the uk you will really see how much you have changed and how part of your heart wilL forever be African!! There will be things you really find you loath about life in a rich country as ours..even today I do not like big out of down shopping malls and it still really annoys me when people moan about the nhs..having been inside an Albanian hospital I always prayed I d never have to be a patient in one…anyway have a fabulous last 2 months!!! A great time home with family and friends before off onvyour Asian adventure!!! You have the BUG!!


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