It’s April! How did that happen? Currently I’m feeling so relaxed that I feel like I’m not doing anything. I think it’s because now Vickie is back I’m doing half the work again! It makes me realise I was doing ALOT. Luckily I’ve just been given an important student for one on one classes which will keep me off the streets. It scares me and at the same time I don’t believe that in under 6 weeks I will have finished classes at the BSI and in 10 weeks I will no longer be working at the BSI!

But lets rewind a little. Easter this year was pretty bizarre. For as long as I can remember I have always travelled home (if I’ve been away) in time for Good Friday when as a church we all celebrate and have breakfast together. Easter Sunday was always a big family day too. But naturally, this time I was unable to go home for the weekend, and to make matters worse I had to work on Good Friday! I think this is the first time I really felt homesick for the homeland! But luckily, Marlou our Catholic colleague came to the rescue and invited us to celebrate Easter Sunday with him like Christmas!

So, it was pretty much the same drill, first we had to get to Guediawaye early for Mass in our BouBous. I was very thankful that it was much cooler than at Christmas as Mass was two hours long and the church was very full. Then swiftly after the end of Mass we went home to have breakfast, which was PORK and THE MOST AMAZING CHICKEN I HAVE EVER TASTED, with chips and the like. A couple of glasses of wine and who knows what else, and two hours later we had lunch, vermicellis, chicken and a lot of onions. After that we went visiting. Our first port of call was the old BSI director who most probably lives in the nicest house I’ve seen so far. He showed us his series of books which he has just got published, English course books which are actually applicable for African cultures learning English. This is fantastic, so rather than using text books from England which I am finding can be very culturally bound, and go straight over learners heads at the BSI, teachers here in Africa will hopefully be using these instead! This is much more applicable for their lives and interests. And weather! He totally stole my idea…

DSCF8761 DSCF8772 DSCF8773 DSCF8796

After that we went to see another family. The men watched the wrestling and the football, while Vickie and I got a nap in. Before we left we were given ‘Ngala’ the traditional meal every Catholic makes, eats and gives to all friends on Easter. It is a cold dish consisting of millet and a peanut sauce, and as I was warned by many many people that a lot of it can make you sick, I only had a little, but it was surprisingly good! Unfortunately when we went back to Marlou’s family house we were given a second round! None of us could finish it.


We made it back to Immeuble Airfrance at about 11pm. We spent about 14 hours celebrating Easter! Just like Christmas, a lot of food and alcohol was involved. It seems very exhausting being a catholic, but after 40 days of fasting I guess its only natural!

The next day had a delicious roast with the Portsmouth massive! It was safe to say I was full for about a week afterwards. Now, Im looking forward to the next celebration, Labour Day!


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