The tailor experience

In Portsmouth, Primark was under 5 minutes away from my university Building so I was pretty much sorted. Here things are slightly different. There are either massive markets which loads to choose from, however I’m pretty sure most of it is second hand. The better option is to get a tailor to make you things…..

Fabric shopping has become one of my favourite pass times. Wax fabric, my favourite, is normally about 1,000 a metre (just over £1 a metre.) I think my suitcase will just be full of fabric when I return to England! You just buy any fabric you like and then take it to a tailor, tell them what you want and negotiate a price. There are tailors everywhere you ago, the only problem is not all tailors are that good, or in fact really remember/listen to what you said.

2014-12-13 10.46.09

A good example of this is my first attempt.  I went to my friend’s tailor who was not far from where she lived. I ordered four things; a skater dress, a long dress in a different fabric and a crop top and pencil skirt in the same fabric. Although it was ridiculously cheap, only the skater dress was done in the fabric I asked for. Unfortunately he got the other two fabrics mixed up. This is what I ended up with.


I am now happy with the pencil skirt and crop top, and wear them a lot. However, I nearly cried when I saw the long dress! This was in November, so I just put it away in my cupboard and ignored it. But then recently I discovered there was a tailor in the English Club who specialises in work clothing! So I gave him the dress and asked for a pencil skirt. He did a fantastic job!

I am so happy the fabric was saved!  From now I on I will be going to him for all my smart clothes.

Next I am going to get another Boubou in a lighter fabric for Fridays, and get more work clothes for my next job to remind me of Dakar!I plan to handsew a new money belt and some hairbows and scrunchies with the left overs. Watch this space! .


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  1. suegatland says:

    what’s a boubou? confused of Billy xx


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