Life after Dakar and my Better-Late-Than-Never-Dakar-Resolutions

Being the hyper organised person I am, I must confess that I have been considering what on earth I am going to do in the next academic year since maybe November. As per usual I’m not sure at all. I know I want to continue teaching, but the questions are:

  • Where? I could potentially teach anywhere in the world!
  • Do I continue teaching English to speakers of other languages or do I start getting experience teaching children or teenagers English in the national curriculum?
  • Do I do a PGCE or something similar now or in the future?
  • Maybe I should get an office job? (Just kidding, I would go crazy!)

It kind of hurts my brain when I think about it. With regard to staying in Dakar, I absolutely love it here and feel like I’ve settled quite well.  However, what I do way too often is find something I like and then stick with it. Although that is a perfectly fine thing to do, I think I could be missing out on seeing the world while I am young and single. But, you could be reading this a year later and I’m still in Dakar! That is also very likely; I do change my mind a lot. Either way I will have definitely thought it through a great deal. So watch this space! So, just in case here are my better late than never Dakar resolutions (I know its March not January, but I‘ve been a bit busy), better known as a Bucket List! My Better-Late-Than-Never-Dakar-Resolutions:

  1. Try the Viking – apparently it’s the closest thing Dakar has to a pub! 
  2. Go for a run along the corniche. I am ridiculously close to a verrryyyy long stretch of beautiful coastline, but it isn’t very safe for a woman to run on their own. (2.5: find someone stupid enough to run with me).
  3. Try Henna, I’ve noticed alot of what could be Henna art on nails.
  4. Learn more Wolof than ‘Hello how are you….my name is….. yes’.
  5. Go to Saint Louis.
  6. Go surfing and try not to drown.(Kind of!!)
  7. Go to the Bandia Reserve (Safari Park) and see actual animals.
  8. Have enough time to have all 3 rounds of attire (Mint tea with hella sugar).
  9. Be able to have a full conversation in French (I’m very close believe it or not!).
  10. Cook thieboudienne and Marfé.
  11. Be brave enough to get a haircut. I have way too much hair already and summer is coming!
  12. Buy lots of peanuts and give to Talibe boys regularly.
  13. Go to Ile de Gorée.
  14. Survive the BSI English day, which is most likely going to be in The Daniel Sorano Theatre… eeek!
  15. Try every flavour of ice cream in N’ice cream!
  16. Visit every market in Dakar. I love bargaining!

Well, I better get going!


One Comment Add yours

  1. suegatland says:

    looks like you could cross off a few more things?! xx


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